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RECHERCHE FRANCE : traumatisme et les tendances suicidaires

Symptoms Moderating the Association between Recent Suicide Attempt and Traumatic Morbidity: Fan-shaped Effects
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Auteurs : Mohammad Hassan Afzali 1, Philippe Birmes 2, Stéphane Vautier 1
The present study examines variables affecting the incidence of recent suicide attempt in a large sample of participants who experienced various levels of traumatic morbidity. The sample was drawn from a French nationally representative, general population survey (N= 39,617). In the same line with previous research on the data provided by the survey, five levels of traumatic morbidity were used on the basis of answers to the post-traumatic stress disorder items from the French version of Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview. Twenty four items, representing Axis I psychopathological symptoms and suicidality indexes, were tested to identify intervening variables moderating the suicide attempt incidence in any given traumatic morbidity level. Seven items yielded a systematic effect: four suicidality items, two major depression items and one panic disorder item. The main findings consist of (i) the suppressing effect of the absence of these symptoms, and (ii) the gradual increasing effect of their presence. These results underline the importance of comorbid symptoms in the association between trauma and suicidality.
1 : Octogone Unité de Recherche Interdisciplinaire (Octogone)

Université Toulouse le Mirail - Toulouse II : EA4156
2 : Laboratoire du Stress Traumatique (LST - EA 4560)

Université Paul Sabatier (UPS) - Toulouse III : EA4560
Domaine : Sciences de l'Homme et Société/Psychologie
Mots Clés : Fan-shaped effect – Traumatic morbidity – Suicide attempt – Suicidal Ideation – Depression
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Contributeur : Mohammad Hassan Afzali <>
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