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RECHERCHE ETUDE EN LIGNE : Intervention assisté par SMS SIAM (Suicide intervention assisted by messages)

SIAM (Suicide intervention assisted by messages): the development of a post-acute crisis text messaging outreach for suicide prevention

Sofian Berrouiguet 1 Zarrin Alavi 2 Guillaume Vaiva Philippe Courtet 3 Enrique Baca-García 4, 5, 6 Pierre Vidailhet Michel Gravey Elise Guillodo Sara Brandt 7 Michel Walter 1

1 Brest Medical University Hospital at Bohars, Adult Psychiatry, 29820 Bohars

2 CIC - Brest - Centre d'Investigation Clinique

3 Neuropsychiatrie : recherche épidémiologique et clinique

4 Department of Psychiatry

5 Department of Psychiatry

6 Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Salud Mental

7 IMADA - Department of Mathematics and Computer Science [Odense]

Abstract : Background Suicidal behaviour and deliberate self-harm are common among adults. Research indicates that maintaining contact either via letter or postcard with at-risk adults following discharge from care services can reduce reattempt risk. Feasibility trials demonstrated that intervention through text message was also effective in preventing suicide repetition amongst suicide attempters. The aim of the current study is to investigate the effect of text message intervention versus traditional treatment on reducing the risk of suicide attempt repetition among adults after self-harm.Methods/designThe study will be a 2-year multicentric randomized controlled trial conducted by the Brest University Hospital, France. Participants will be adults discharged after self inverted question markharm, from emergency services or after a short hospitalization. Participants will be recruited over a 12-month period. The intervention is comprised of an SMS that will be sent at h48, D7, D15 and monthly. The text message enquires about the patients inverted question mark well-being and includes information regarding individual sources of help and evidence-based self help strategies. Participants will be assessed at the baseline, month 6 and 13. As primary endpoint, we will assess the number of patients who reattempt suicide in each group at 6 months. As secondary endpoints, we will assess the number of patients who reattempt suicide at 13 month, the number of suicide attempts in the intervention and control groups at 6 and 13 month, the number of death by suicide in the intervention and control groups at month 6 and 13. In both groups, suicidal ideations, will be assessed at the baseline, month 6 and 13. Medical costs and satisfaction will be assessed at month 13.DiscussionThis paper describes the design and deployment of a trial SIAM; an easily reproducible intervention that aims to reduce suicide risk in adults after self-harm. It utilizes several characteristics of interventions that have shown a significant reduction in the number of suicide reattempts. We propose to assess its efficacy in reducing suicide reattempt in the suicide attempter (SA) population.Trial registrationThe study was registered on Clinical Trials Registry (
NCT02106949, registrerd on 06 June 2014.
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