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ETUDE RECHERCHE sur La prévalence du syndrome d'épuisement professionnel parmi une population examinée au service d'urgence psychiatrique pour tentative de suicide

The prevalence of the burnout syndrome among population examined at the psychiatric emergency department for attempted suicide
European Psychiatry
Volume 33, Supplement, March 2016, Pages S443
Abstracts of the 24rd European Congress of Psychiatry
E. Perju 1, ,  E. Gallois 2 1 Reims, France
2 Psychiatry, 10, rue Corvisart, 75013 Paris, FranceAvailable online 12 May 2016

The intention of this study is to show the frequency of the burnout syndrome among the population seen at psychiatric ER for the most severe complication of the burnout, the suicide attempt.
(a) To demonstrate the frequency of burnout among the population examined at psychiatric ER for suicide attempt.
(b) To establish a correlation between the frequency of burnout and:
– the socio-demographic characteristics;
– the psychiatric follow-up;
– the type of personality found.
Descriptive study on a sample of 92 patients examined at psychiatric ER between 01/02/2014 and 01/06/2014 after a suicide attempt, seen by a single doctor. The patients received the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI).
The frequency of burnout among the population consulted for suicide attempts is 8.7%. The limitations of this study were: the use of MBI questionnaire only by one doctor and a collection of data carried on a certain period of time.
I managed to characterize the population seen after the suicide attempt induced by the burnout: 88% women; 25% foreign population working in a context with many responsibilities; the predominance of obsessive personality – 50%, followed by anxious personality type – 25%; the suicide attempt was done by a population without psychiatric history and without psychiatric follow-up – 75%; the studied population is divided between patients working in a high responsibility environment – 36% and patients working in the social or the public environment – 63%.
Eighty-eight percent of patients were brought in after their first suicide attempt.
Despite the fact that until now a unanimous definition has not been formulated on the CIM-10, the burnout syndrome is one of the most popular disorders.
The problematic is real, considering that this syndrome, which starts with a psychological distress, can escalade to a self-aggressive behaviour.

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